How does a person get an allergy from exercise?


This is what I copied from Google. Can someone please explain how it happens. And can normal tablets for allergy help? Or do u need medical care.
“Exercise-induced allergic reactions occur during or after exercise. Exercise can trigger or worsen asthma or, rarely, a severe allergic (anaphylactic) reaction. Doctors usually base the diagnosis on symptoms and their relationship to exercise.”

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I have a mild version of this and it sucks since I love exercising. I exercise for a few minutes and if my heart starts beating fast my body starts itching. I have hives over my chest and belly and back. I take a break for two minutes and then start exercising again. This typically happens only in winter and is not dependant on the room temperature.

When I asked the doctors they asked me to take a histamine tablet. That does not help me at all.