How does a “tolerance” to alcohol develop in a person’s body



How does a “tolerance” to alcohol develop in a person’s body

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Iirc the liver starts producing an enzyme when you drink. As you drink more it produces more, which causes you to drink even more.

Okay, so when you drink, two things happen: you feel “drunk”, and your body processes the alcohol. Since “drunk” is a feeling, it’s one you can get used to. That’s tolerance. However, your body always has to process the alcohol so even if you don’t *feel* super drunk, you can blackout far sooner than you expect or wake up with a monster hangover.

Your body produces an enzyme to process the alcohol. As you drink on a regular basis, your body notices that you have this poison in your system, so it starts getting better at producing the enzyme and the enzyme gets more efficient at removing the alcohol. Your body adapts to the threat, essentially.

So others here are wrong. See, an alcoholic’s body doesn’t process alcohol any better than a normal person. The difference is that the brain has learned how to control itself and behave more normally over time. But by raw BAC there’s no difference