How does an invisible trailer work?



Chevy is running TV ads about an option that makes a trailer invisible. The ad demonstrates with a guy standing behind a utility trailer waving at the driver. I’m sure the technology is proprietary, but what can you tell me? How’s it work (in general terms)? Are we on the verge of a real cloaking device?

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“The Transparent Trailer View on the 2020 Sierra HD relies on the tailgate-mounted camera and an available accessory camera mounted on the rear of the trailer. The system’s computer software processes those images from both cameras to make the trailer in tow virtually invisible.”


It will be a combination of a LCD display rearview mirror, and cameras on the vehicle and ones that you can place on the rear of the trailer. A computer combines the images to create an image that appears to not contain the trailer.

It’s a series of cameras, the trailer has a camera on the back end, the dashboard camera shows the view from that camera and merges it with the normal backup camera, basically both images are crammed together so that you can “see through” the trailer. Sadly a cloaking device is still a leap away.

It’s a camera system. A bunch of cameras on the truck and one on the trailer. The trailer cam sees what is behind the trailer, and then the computer automatically integrates that in with the truck cams to give you a 360 degree camera view with the trailer digitally edited out.

Not a cloaking device, but still pretty neat.

I believe that on the back of the trailer is a video display panel. A camera in the front of the trailer picks up the images in front, the images displayed on the he back, so it looks like the trailer isn’t there.

Note, the trailer is deliberately designed so that you can see the edges, so you don’t think there is no trailer there and run into it.

Another Brion I saw had the camera in front of the truck, so drivers following the truck could see if it was safe to pass the truck

In reality the technology is simple, if expensive. Just a camera and a display panel

The trailer isn’t transparent, it is just the cameras position and image creation means that the image produced is as if the trailer were invisible.