How does anesthesia really work?


Like how does anesthesia work to make us lose consciousness that quick as well as inhibit any memory of a few minutes before even taking it?

In: Biology


No one is entirely sure ‘how’ it works. We know that it interacts with the chemicals in the brain and different chemical have different reactions. But until we understand how the brain works, we won’t fully understand.

In a basic sense, anesthetics inhibit neurotransmitters and cause the brain to partially shut down.

Nobody knows for sure how consciousness works in the brain. Likewise nobody really understands exactly how anesthetics cause you to lose consciousness and inhibit memory formation. It is believed that some anesthetic drugs, such as midazolam or propofol, interact with receptors in the brain that “slow down” brain activity in certain brain regions, and it is likely these regions of the brain play a central role in maintaining consciousness or memory formation.