How does animal euthanasia work? Can’t they still feel pain even when asleep?


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I’m not sure of the exact anesthetic used, but it certainly looks like they fall asleep and never wake up. It doesn’t seem painful at all.

Plus, many pets at that stage are almost certainly in pain. So it is probably quite a relief.

2 drugs are used. The 1st put them to sleep as a simple seedative. the 2nd is an overdose of barbiturates to stop the heart. The animal does not feel a thing.

I’m a certified euthanasia by injection technician. The drug used is basically just an anesthetic. What your animal experiences is an overdose on painkillers, so other than the pinprick of the needle itself, there is no pain involved in its administration. It’s less like being asleep and more comparable to being put under for surgery.

And most places will give a sedative even before the injection, so there’s even less likelihood of it causing pain.

It’s always a very difficult decision, but rest assured that it’s the right choice when your pet is suffering.