How does compass in our phones work?


Do we really have a compass in our phone? Doesn’t compass get disrupted with all those metals in the phone. Our does the phone receive the information from somewhere else?

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it sort of has a compass, but an electronic one, in the form of a 3-axis Hall effect magnetometer

This generates three signals that depend on the strength of the magnetic field, including the earth’s

however yes, it does absolutely get disrupted by all the metal in the phone, but since that doesn’t really change as the phone rotates, it rotates with the phone and the sensor, always reading the same, the phone can isolate only the part that moves and get a relatively accurate compass

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The gps in your phone calibrates a «compass» and motion sensors track movement. So its not a true compass, it just knows based on GPS and movement. You can even test if its a true compass by having a magnet next to your phone, if the compass change, then you have a true compass.

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Have you ever tried to use your compass and your phone asks you to move it around in a circle kind of motion? It’s calibrating the compass readings to account for the metal in the phone. By getting measurements from all different angles, it can determine how much of the reading is coming from metal in the phone and how much is from Earth’s magnetic field.