How does cryogenic cooking work?


How does cryogenic cooking work?

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Cryogenic cooking is a cooking technique that uses liquid nitrogen or other similar cryogens to rapidly freeze food items to very low temperatures. This process allows for the preservation of food items while maintaining their texture, flavor, and nutritional content.

When food is rapidly frozen using liquid nitrogen, the water molecules inside the food freeze and form tiny ice crystals. These ice crystals help to preserve the texture and shape of the food, while also preventing the loss of moisture and nutrients that can occur during traditional cooking methods.

Once the food has been frozen using cryogenic cooking, it can be stored for later use or cooked using a variety of methods. Some common applications of cryogenic cooking include making ice cream, frozen cocktails, and frozen desserts. Additionally, some chefs use cryogenic cooking to prepare raw foods such as fish, which can be quickly frozen to kill any potential parasites or bacteria before serving.