How does desensitizing immunotherapy work, when overexposure to an allergen can cause an allergy in the first place?


It’s pretty much all in the title.

I’ve been told that tons of exposure to an allergen can cause a person to develop an allergy. An example would be previously non-allergic healthcare workers developing a latex allergy after constant latex exposure at work.

But then, immunotherapy shots I’m told are often just a bunch of the allergen in question.

I’m confused!

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I have allergies. I have had them all my life. To environmental thing to food. And I went to an allergist where I got sometimes 10 different desensitization shots. And for years I mean years. Outcome? They did nothing to help me with my allergies.

The latex allergy you’re describing I’m not aware of. But immunotherapy is typically small doses *consistently*, not large doses. Over time the body stops recognizing the allergen as invasive and becomes benign.