How does Electromotive Force work?


Seriously, I’m trying to learn about electricity and electronics and I just cannot wrap my head around this topic.

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Charged particles with opposite charges attract; the same charges repel. It’s really that simple.

I like the water analogy for simple understanding. Voltage is like water pressure. Put a bunch of water in a water tower and it’s like a battery. The water “wants” to flow downhill. In this analogy, downhill is like going from high voltage to lower voltage.

The truth is that nobody *really* knows how it works. We can describe it, measure it, we know the causes of it and under what conditions it happens, but we dont know how the forces are truly generated and how they can reach out across vacuum or air and physically affect other objects.

It is exactly the same for gravity. if we knew how it worked we might be able to create artificial gravity in a space station, or neutralize it here on earth. More than a few scientific projects are investigating just that. The first man to come up with a way to create or neutralize gravity will be richer than then ten currently richest people in the world.