How does frozen food sometimes “taste like a freezer”?



How does frozen food sometimes “taste like a freezer”?

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Freezer burn is a condition that occurs when frozen food has been damaged by dehydration and oxidation, due to air reaching the food. It is generally caused by food not being securely wrapped in air-tight packaging. Food is still safe to eat though but usually has that aftertaste you’re talking about.

Whenever you freeze something you’re freezing mostly the water trapped inside it, this means you’ll never achieve 100% freezing stage with a conventional freezer because the water is trapped and usually insulated from the cold, what you’re talking about is the flavor of the stalled non freeze water; other explanation maybe the constant freezing and unfreezing in the food caused by the temperature oscillations in the environment, whenever the water unfreezes it dissolves and traps whatever is near, so you maybe tasting your food thru the water

Since taste is based most on the smell, and most freezers smell like the food stored there plus the smell of moisture (because of the heavy condensation of the water in the air inside), the food may end up smelling like the combination of both smells. It gets worse if there are different kind of food there, so it ends up like a combination of many soggy, moist food.

Most fridges with freezer attached even though they seem like separate compartments air travels between the 2 sections, so anything that stinks up your fridge will stink up your freezer as well, so dem ice cubes be nasty!

Some brands like Samsung have what they call dual cooling zones which are completely shut off from each other

Easiest way to explain it is if you slam your fridge door hard enough, your freezer door will pop open from the air being pushed there