How does Google chrome install without admin rights?


Isn’t that a major security issue?

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The same way any program does, you do not need administrator privileges on Windows to install software.

You only need admin rights if the installation tried to modify files that you as a regular user can not modify.

If the application(chrome) is only an exe file that can run on its own and does not need any libaries or needs to change some system settings, it is essentialy a “portable” app, aka there is no installation, its just executing a sigle file that runs with the same permissions the user has.

It is exactly as secure as you deleting/editing files on your own PC is, you can do a lot of bad stuff but not break it or make it dangerous for other users.

Installing software does not necessarily require admin rights. It depends where you install it. If you want it installed into the `Program Files` directory where most apps go, that does require an account better than a standard user. If a service needs to be installed, then yes you need admin rights.

If you just save it somewhere under `C:UsersMy Name Here` then you can install anything. However other users/accounts will not have access to it.

Google Chrome does not need to do things in the core of the computer, things that might be exploited by a malicious application. It does not need to manipulate the process table, every process is clearly marked as running under Google Chrome. It does not need to modify system files which affect other applications. It does not need to directly interact with hardware. Google Chrome only need access to the network, render things in a window on the screen, and read user input to this window. This is all things that can be done in a secure way through existing interfaces.