how does Hawk-eye prediction works in cricket?


How can Hawks eye prediction exactly able to determine the spin of the ball accurately considering a major part of decision making in case of LBW is based on data by HEP in cricket.

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Hawkeye uses six (I think) cameras trained on the batting crease and uses them to construct a trajectory of the ball before it strikes the batsman, along with the point of impact to judge whether it’s in line with the stumps or outside of off- or leg-stump.

By knowing the trajectory, we can use simple projectile motion to determine the path of the ball had it not hit the batsman and determine whether or not it would hit the stumps.

Even with these cameras there is still a degree of uncertainty, hence if it’s suitably close, we get the “Umpire’s Call” verdict and stay with the decision on the field.

For a spinner bowling a full toss it would be a bit trickier because the ball didn’t bounce and adjust its course to account for the spin. There are probably calculations based on how fast the ball is rotating that would help to determine what its new path should be after it bounces.