How does heartburn imitate arrhythmia?



I read that the most common heartburn symptom is a sharp pain in your chest, but for me it always feel like my heart starts to beat irregularly. It used to trigger panic attacks for me.

(I don’t have arrhythmia, but I do have reflux.)

In: Biology

The esophagus (where reflux or GERD manifests after acid travels in a reverse direction from the stomach) travels in very close proximity to the heart as it goes from your throat to your stomach. Irritation of the esophagus may lead to some minor irritative symptoms of the posterior (back side) of the heart, including palpitations or feelings that are like palpitations. It’s difficult to say whether this is from the esophagus moving in response to the irritation and pressing on the heart or if it is coming from the heart itself.

I experience this too – not heartburn, but weird heart-type feelings arising, we’re pretty sure, from acid reflux. I found out about the acid reflux from a throat scope I requested because I’d been more often having to chew food (particularly breads and meats) very ridiculously thoroughly to prevent it getting “stuck” and having to swallow water to force it down – which is REALLY uncomfortable when it fails, btw. That plus heart palpitations/anxiety symptoms, though every time I’d get a checkup or an EKG they’d go “yeah you’re strong as an ox.”

Pantoprazole has been a life changer in that regard – that plus regular cardio (I’d just been lifting before… why mess up gainz, I thought) to get the weight down.