How does Iambic Pentamiter work


Seriously though

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First off- Shakespeare sucks and you cannot learn iambic pentameter from that guy. We don’t talk like that no more…

Pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables 10 syllables in a line…

His PALMS are SWEATy, KNEES Weak, ARMS are HEAVy”- Eminem

Iambic Pentameter sucks trying to learn it by people trying to teach it to you.. it can be a grind….what helped my entire class when I was younger was I had an awesome English teacher in high school that brought in music of the day- L.L. Cool J, Pink Floyd and Sinead O’Connor. Couple different genres and we listened to the lyrics and found the iamb and pentameter (if it was there). You can google “iambic pentameter in songs”nowadays and a boatload of examples pop up.
I could give you the textbook version which is not the 5-year old way to explain it or you can just go listen to some music on the inter webs…

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