How does Iambic Pentamiter work


Seriously though

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“Without the knowledge of the pace of speech

’tis difficult to parse the rules you seek.

With syllables of ten on every line

and “unstressed, stressed” the rhythm all the time!”

[poem: over

that’s quite bad, but the best example I can come up with on the fly.
basically: iambic pentameter is a style of poetry in which every line has 10 syllables, and every other syllable is stressed in the following order:
“dit DAH dit DAH dit DAH dit DAH dit DAH”

from my above example, the stressed syllables are now in caps:

withOUT the KNOWledge OF the PACE of SPEECH

english language has stressed syllables by default. In fact, the previous sentence can demonstrate this as well:

ENGlish LANguage has STRESSED SYLlables by DEfault.

Though all those words had stressed syllables at the beginning, not all words do. Take “Iambic Pentameter” for instance:

iAMbic pentAMeter

so, tl;dr

iambic pentameter is a poetry structure with 10 syllables per line that follows a pattern of stressed/unstressed syllables.]

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