How does insta read thermometer work?


Ive seen a video of a guy frying chicken and he dipped the thermometer into the hot oil to see the temperature of the chicken.

How did the the thermometer not pick up the oil while getting dipped, so it heated up and result in a wrong temperature?

I mean how does the thermometer ignore the temperature of the oven, oil, pan and just measure the temperature of the food inside with SUCH precision??

In: Technology

An electric thermometer contains a component called a thermistor or a thermocouple – a pair of selected metals – inside it. These either change the resistance to current flow with temperature or generate a tiny voltage from heat energy.

Typically the probe is encased in a cylindrical steel shell for protection and easy cleaning, and is located at the tip of it. It measures the temperature of whatever material the tip is touching, when the temperature between them equalizes. Steel conducts heat poorly, so the measurement isn’t affected much by touching the rest of the body of the probe. You can hold a steel spoon in hot tea. Devices that respond to temperature changes faster have a thinner probe, which heats or cools quicker.