How does liposuction prevent the body from redistributing the rest of the fat back to the affected area?



Let’s say I do a liposuction on my stomach. I still have fat in my arms, legs, butt, chest, whatever.

How does vacuuming it from my stomach prevent my body from putting fat back there?

In: Biology

Fat doesn’t travel around the body. Fat in your arms will never be fat in your legs.

Liposuction gets rid of existing fat deposits in a specific area. It doesn’t prevent fat from ever being deposited there again.

It removes the fat cells which fill up and empty triglycerides depending on calorie balance. If there’s no fat cell to fill up, the triglycerides can’t deposit there

fat cells also do not divide very frequently. the majority of the fat cells in our body divide before our 20s, and then the total population remains somewhat stable. much of the weight variation is from the size of the individual fat cells. so yes, fat cells will reform in the area, but much slower compared to other tissue types