How does machine learning work?

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I get the bit about giving it information that it learns from information you give it and connecting its neural pathways to learn and whatever (I’m bad at explaining things), but how does it learn? How are you supposed to provide it with information, and how is it supposed even to begin learning in the first place?

I know that you input data, and the machine receives that data, tries to find patterns and do things; but how does it do this?

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Its learning by changing every variable a bit and check if the outcome is more accurate.

Dont try to think about it in human words, “learning” is something humans do, the model will optimize based on a mathematical function the developers provide to it(a loss function). Its just that noone knows this mathematical function and it has billions of parameters.

But the idea is that if you find the correct parameters you have a function that has a row of pixels as input and its output is the chance that this picture is showing a cat. So you just wiggle all parameters a bit and check if the output is better than before. Do that billions of times and you get an optimal function.

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