how does mattress cooling technology work? Does it work?


I feel like when I shop “cooling” is slapped on mattress like a “natural” sticker is stuck on produce. What does it even mean. How do I know it is cooling. What does a cooling mattress even mean

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No it doesn’t work. The idea is that they have a hear distributing foam or gel layer that spreads the heat out over a large area which means it can disapate faster. However it doesn’t work for a few reasons. 1 you sheets hold in that heat so they work against it. 2. The foam cant work fast enough to do it long term. 3 once the whole mattress absorbs heat it has no where to put it since you bed is covered by sheets and blankets. It might seem like it works for the first 30 -60 min but after that nothing. It works even less if you have a mattress protector that they make you get if you want to keep your warranty.

It’s a scam. I got 2 beds mine and a guest bed same bed but I paid extra for the cooling foam on mine but not the guest. On any given day they feel the same during the night.

By definition, cooling means taking the heat from a hot source and transfer it to another cooler body. So the hot source in this case is you and the cool source is usually the cooling material and the air in the cooling material. Usually the material is very good are dissipating heat away from the your body so it gives a cooling effect.