How does mixing two or more colors create a new colour?


Basically the title. I was wondering if there’s hardcore chemistry involved in this and if not, how does colour mixing work? What is it that causes us to perceive a different colour when we mix two colours, say blue and yellow to make green?

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Mixing two paints literally just jumbles up the pigment molecules so that you see two colours at once. Your brain sees both blue and yellow colours mingled in a very very fine way and sort of interprets it to get a shade of green.

We only have three different colour sensors in our eye. Orange wavelength light stimulates both the long and medium and wavelength sensitive ones (wavelengths centred on the red and green regions of the spectrum) which we interpret as orange. Hitting them with a mixture of separate red and green wavelengths gives the same signals to the optic system so ends up being interpreted as the same colour.