How does mosaic removal from video work?



hello guys plz help in the the website jav porn censored mosaic removed video is real or fake?

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You can’t create detail that isn’t there, and when they “mosaic” out a face (or some other body part, judging from your question!) the extra detail that defines the image is dumped. So, when they “remove” the mosaic they’re using software to make an educated guess what the original looked like, but it’ll never match up all that closely.

As others have alluded to, this probably works using machine learning.

The creation of the mosaic is based on an algorithm that works the same way every time. With this in mind you can train a computer using known images before and after applying the mosaic to undo some of this.

Some data has been lost and that’s why undoing the mosaic is usually a bit blurry.

As to the specific porn you’re watching, I wouldn’t know.