How does my brain adjust what age group of people I’m sexualy attracted to depending on the age I am myself?


I noticed as I grew older people who had previously seemed attractive to me now look really young and now I notice attractiveness in people in the age group that would have prevously percieved as old. How does my brain make this shift?

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Basically, just hormonal changes as you age and brain development. When trans people get on hormone therapies they often experience sexuality changes on top of the noticeable libido changes.

From what I know, women tend to experience the most in terms of hormone adjustments throughout their life. The constant period cycle has hormones changing every month. Of course pregnancy also changes hormonal make up. The hormones really only cool down after menopause, in which case their sexuality may stabilize the most.

For men it is different because their hormonal changes are more tied to a simple fluctuation in testosterone. They may make more T when their healthier or it may be drop if they get really unhealthy. Age can cause a slow decline in T.

Although, sexual attraction doesnt always change like this. I know many men that have always had the same attraction to their type.

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Maybe you are maturing? You might find that younger girls you can’t relate with, while older people you can. Sometimes the mind can do funny things like that. Even girls who are prettier might seem unattractive if you think they are annoying and immature

It’s like those women who were young and are now in their forties. They were hurt by confident or cocky guys, but were attracted to them when they were young. These overconfident guys hurt them over and over again. Young and dumb unfortunately, like most people that age. Then these women grew older and now despise confident men even if they are good looking. They might then go for the nice guys who have some sense of chivalry, weakness, or appear to be a gentleman (or actually are one)

At one point the good looking and confident guys who were sociable were liked by them, now they see all young guys as being overconfident and mean, generalizing a group of people. And yes, I have seen older women judge perfectly nice guys who were outgoing and confident based on nothing but appearance and the very first impression of what they could be like

Older guys in contrast are more mellow and less wild than they used to be. So the older guys lose that confident edge they used to have, and seem like the right type of person for them

This generalization goes for guys who judge every good looking and fit and attractive girl as promiscuous and home wreckers because they were hurt by these girls, and a lot of other types of stereotypes. People are often a product of their past experiences

When you mature you see people as different, relate to people differently, and may carry some past experiences that might be bad or incorrect. Obviously not everyone this will apply to, but you would be surprised how many people get hurt in relationships- and that changes their perspective on things

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There are tons of factors involved in sexual attraction, but on big factor is how you percieve yourself; your mind likes people it judges as being similar to yourself and in most people it recognizes your shift in age and adapts acordingly.
This can obviously end up being very different to how people percieve you. Although people tend to be more successful in finding a long-term partner the better they are at judging themselves.

Another big factor are your expierences so far, which can make certain habits and expressed attitudes be associated with undesirable expectations; i.e. a Person seems childish.

You might still find someone very attractive, but unsuitable as a sexual interest, especially as you gain experience in choosing a partner.

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I’m 50. 20 year olds are great to look at, but a fine 40-50 year old will turn my head AND hold my attention. I’ve even met some 60 year olds I’ve found very attractive. It’s maturity and life experience. Plus I’m more likely to be compatible with someone in my own age group.