How does “nuclear power” power a submarine?


How does “nuclear power” power a submarine?

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nuclear power in its essence, is really just steam power.

Nuclear reactions create heat, that heat is then used to heat up some water, and that water is turned to steam which turns a turbine.

nuclear fuel just provides the heat, its the steam turbine that provides the electricity.

Great minds think alike. I’ve sailed far and returned ta port with this booty. Yer not alone in askin’, and kind strangers have explained:

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Its a nuclear reactor that generates electricity the electricity powers the sub and the electric motors hooked up to the propellers. It generates electricty using steam, but im not 100% sure of how that process works

The same way it generates energy in a power station.
The nuclear material is used to heat a fluid that drives a turbine.

Nuclear submarines have small nuclear reactors on board for main power instead of combustion engines. The nuclear reactors produce electricity more or less the same as a ground-based nuclear power plant, which in turn powers the propellors and other onboard systems.

Fuel heats water. Water goes to heat exchanger. Exchanger water boils, sends steam into steam turbine. Turbine goes roundy roundy, generator on turbine makes electricity.

Watch the last episode of Chernobyl, awesome explanation. I’d recommend watching all of them as well

The nuclear reactor is a huge hunk of uranium inside a steel pressure vessel. The uranium undergoes a chain reaction where its atoms split. Each split releases neutrons that causes other atoms to split, and so on.

The reactor makes a huge amount of heat. Water circulates through the reactor and this heated water is used to make steam. The steam runs a set of turbines. Depending on the submarine, the turbines can either spin a shaft and propellor directly, or run a generator that spins a shaft via a motor.