How does rock climbing work? Like, for new cliffs to scale?


Like how do they get the pegs in the rock hundreds of feet up the cliff if they’re at the bottom? I don’t get it.

Like if someone starts out at the base of a mountain with all the shit you need, ropes, pulleys, hooks and metal rods to stick into the rock, how do they manage to get their rods in the rock to climb in the first place? It makes sense if someones been there before and have put the rods in the rock before them, but how do the “FIRST ONES” do it?

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If you’re thinking of sport climbing, someone rappelled down from the top of the cliff after scoping out a potential climbable line. They drilled and placed permanent anchors into the rock. After that, climbers can simply clip in quickdraws (two carabiners connected to a piece of nylon called a dogbone) as a sort of checkpoint system to place their rope into and protect them when they fall.

You climb up with all the pegs and gear you need. You climb the actual rock using your limbs.

You grab the stone and pull yourself up the cliff bit by bit. The rope isn’t there to help you climb, only to stop you falling all the way down. You can free climb without any pegs at all, they’re just a safety feature.

Then every couple meters up the cliff you wedge a peg into the rock securely and pull your rope through, ensuring you won’t fall beyond that peg. Then you climb some more, put another peg, pull the rope through, climb some more, etc etc.

What your thinking of is sport climbing, routs with protection placed into the rock so climbers only need to clip on. These routs will have usually been climbed first in the traditional (trad climbing) method. Where climbers use I variety of nuts and cams to place their own protection in the rock. In this case the first climber (lead climber) will place the gear and the climber following behind will collect it on their way up.

Check out the film Valley Uprising. Awesome film ever if your not super into rock climbing

You lead climb with a belt that has everything you need (a hammer drill, bolts, etc.) See [this video](

Watch the film Free Solo. You can rent it on Amazon Prime.

Won’t totally freak you out in the slightest, nope, definitely not.