How does SEO spam work? Here’s an example: r/goosofa



How does this spammer benefit by creating a subreddit and loading it up with links to his spam site?

Search Engine Optimization – So by flooding his sub with links to his spam site, I may come across it somehow when I use google to search for something?

I want to see this in action. Show me how searching for something gives me a link to this spammer’s website.

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In theory, Google sees that Reddit is linking to that website a lot and assumes it must be a really useful website (like Wikipedia or YouTube).

Sure, they could make their *own* website and spam links on their own website, but Google wouldn’t count those links for very much because it knows that their website isn’t a useful one. Google treats links as more important if they’re on a more important website.

These are attempting to manipulate the calculations Google makes when they take ‘backlinks’ into account. A backlink is simply another public URL which points back to the original source. The rule of thumb/assumption Google and other SEs implement is that if high reputation websites are linking to something, it must be valuable.

Tactics like this are not white-hat and are at best dark gray, and it is a very old tactic that Google is very well aware of and has been combating for a very long time. The effectiveness of this kind of SEO maneuver is temporary and lackluster at best these days, so it’s not something to consider much if you are looking to create strong organic rank signals for your web properties. You will almost exclusively see this tactic being used for spammy websites that are targeting longer tail keywords, in a more ‘large cast net’ type of strategy, designed to bring in a bunch of low quality traffic vs a lesser amount of high quality.

furthermore I don’t think noref nofollow doesn’t actually work. It probably stops google from associating the spam website with the spammed website, but Google acknowledges that there’s a resource to check and grabs it anyway.