How does shaving cream work?

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Okay so to be honest I am a dude who shaves on occasion as I prefer to be clean cut but today while doing it a question of popped in my head that I can’t get rid of so while I know that shaving cream helps with shaving can someone please how like what exactly does the shaving cream do to help?

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The big one for me is that the shaving cream makes it easier to wash the whiskers out of my razor as I shave. While I shave, a mixture of whiskers and shaving cream get jammed in the razor. Because the cream is water soluble, when I run the razor under water, the whole mix is washed out. When I shave dry, it is just whiskers that are getting jammed in the razor, so they are harder to wash out. A clean razor shaves better.

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It’s literally just a lubricant. It helps the blade slide across your face with little resistance and little risk of snagging on something.

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so the cream helps moisturize and lubricate while you shave, ideally reducing nicks while allowing you to get a closer shave in fewer passes. It reduces skin irritation, although this can vary based on your skin and the formulation.

Some people may just use something like conditioner instead of shaving cream. many just use the normal soap or body wash.

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Proper shaving soap will have a number of benefits.

It will soften your facial hairs making it easier for the blade to cut them. Less chance for ingrown hairs as a result.

It will moisturize and hydrate the skin and help prevent irritations. No raw redness post-shave.

Shaving “creams” and “gels” are not as beneficial as actual soaps that you need to lather yourself. Believe it or not, the “old-fashioned” way of shaving is better for you, your skin, and your wallet.