how does the brain create brand new words?


Is it started in Werneke’s area (or Broca’s area, can’t remember which does what at the moment)? How does the brain decide “oh I need a new word to describe this, here’s something I pulled out of thin air?” Like I called a pain I would get in my stomach as a kid “tummy crustles.” Obviously “crustles” isn’t an English word, so how and why did my brain decide that was the word it was gonna use to describe my pain?

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Creativity. You could have merged together “rustles” with “cramp” or just added a c to the beginning because it was amusing to 8 year old you. Or you just randomly thought of it and it stuck.

For an example not involving language, imagine a purple creature the size of a chihuahua with a handlebar mustache and monocle. Chances are, you can picture this thing that does not actually exist in real life. Why did I choose these specific features? Because I was actively trying to be random and then when I added the handlebar mustache my brain associated the monocle with it so I added that too.