How does the focus in our eyes work?


I was looking out the window today and noticed how easily I could transition between focusing on the window net which blurred out the background and then looking outside which made the net seem nonexistent.

How does this focus work compared to that of a digital camera?

In: Biology

There are small muscles in our eyes that pull on a lense and chance its shape depending on the distance we want to focus at. Basically the muscles stretch the lense and therefore it bends light differently.

The only real difference between our eyes and the aperture on a camera is one is controlled by biological components, the other mechanical, but otherwise are performing the same function. Your iris and pupil control the amount of light being let in through the lens, and then muscles control the lens which adjusts how the light hits your retina. Depending on what part your brain has decided to focus on, the muscles will shift to adjust the light.