How does the “liquid to silk” magic trick work?


Here is a YouTube video for reference which shows the trick itself, but does not explain how the trick is done.

I’ve searched Google (which is how I found the video above) but all I can find are videos of people doing the trick, or magic websites where you can buy a kit to do the trick, but no explanation on how it’s done.

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That glass has two chambers. He pours the liquid into the chamber facing the viewer.
At the 25s mark, you can see him fixing a lid on to the glass before flipping it (note HOW he flips the glass).
He then pulls the silk from the (now) back of the glass.

Think about how a thermos has a vacuum sealed area around the part your drink goes in. This is probably just the liquid going into an area similar to that.

He has a weird unnatural death grip on it a lot of the time too. So I’m assuming there’s probably a hole or something he’s covering to keep the liquid from pouring out when he doesn’t want it to. Similar to putting your finger on the tip of a straw.

While not the exact same trick, if you google “assassin’s teapot” it should pull up a video that demonstrates what is going on, more or less.

I did a different variation one that I never trusted enough to make part of a routine: powdered gelatine and a hot liquid. Pour in the liquid and then move on to a different routine while it sets up, using a thumb to pull a silk out later on.

And then there’s the milk into newspaper trick that just requires a plastic bag and some fancy folding.