How does the water level go down when you make instant noodles?


Cup of instant noodles, e.g., Maruchan instant lunch. You pour in the hot water, then wait a few minutes. The water level has gone down. Sure, the noodles have absorbed the water, but shouldn’t the volume basically balance? The water level is significantly reduced after absorption, without the noodles expanding so much that the new level is equal to the level that the cup was initially filled with water.

In: Physics

Evaporation. Also hot water is less dense than cold water, so as the ramen cools down, the water molecules are able to come closer together since they’re less energetic

The heat makes the cup expand, thus creating this illusion? I dunno, get some scales and measuring cups.

The noodles were filled with tiny air pockets from being fried. The water filled in those air pockets. The frying is why you can quickly rehydrate the noodles because they absorb water so fast.

You assume the noodle is solid. It isn’t. There are air pockets in them. That is where all the water goes. Sure a small amount will escape the cup from being boiled but most is in the noddles.

Two things: the water is getting soaked into the noodles and also some of it will naturally evaporate due to the temperature of the water.