How does the weather suddenly changing cause headaches?


How does the weather suddenly changing cause headaches?

In: Biology

Your sinuses are empty spaces in your head that are important for controlling how air flows as you breathe. As you have almost certainly noticed, they can get clogged fairly easily, though.

Weather changes are associated with changes in air pressure. More dense cold air pushes less dense warm, moist air out of the way, which drives weather.

If your sinuses are even a little clogged when a front hits, it creates pressure inside your sinuses. The weight of the atmosphere is constantly pushing down on you and squeezing the air inside you (including your sinuses). That’s fine, because the air inside pushes back out with equal force and everything is balanced. When the pressure changes very quickly outside it becomes imbalanced. The air in your sinuses isn’t been squeezed so it pushes out more than it should, or less, causing a headache.