How does the world run?


Hi everyone.
I’m a teenager and I’m not an expert on any kind of building/farming etc.
Neither of my parents work a manual job. No one of my friend aspires to have a manual job. Not many of their parents have a manual job.
I’m even talking job like tailor, electrician, plumber.
So acutally who does all the farming, electrician, plumbing and maintenance in the city if not many aspire to these and if few open shops jobs nor want to learn?

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A lot of jobs are done not by people who aspire for that job, but rather by people who aspire not to starve and to have a roof over their head, and to feed and support their family, and taking that job solved that.

It’s just an accident of your relative isolation at this stage in your life.

Literally every friend of mine has a non-desk job. And except for the tailor, I have a friend or three in each of the métiers you listed, plus a half-dozen more. And some of them make *very* good money.

When you are old enough I encourage you to become an afternoon Happy Hour regular at some small-town neighborhood bar. I guarantee white-collar workers will be few and far between. And hopefully you’ll make a lot of useful friendships!

The age demographics of these groups is definitely trending higher than those of tech industries, at least in many Western countries. The world us still running because the “old guard” aren’t all retired, but there’s definitely a push to get new, young workers into those fields to replace those who are aging out. At the same time, it’s not like suddenly everyone stopped going into the trades, so there won’t be a massive die-off of trades workers; just a steady decline in workers, which will push wages up and drive more people to join that industry.

So it’s an ongoing issue that will need to be addressed in the next few decades.