how does work?


how does work?

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[]( uses Artificial Intelligence to generate fake faces, the site was created by a guy called Phil Wang. Here’s some more information about the website, as said by it’s creator:

This site instantly educates the public on an important subfield in artificial intelligence named GANs (generative adversarial networks). This technique allows the machine to dream up new data indistinguishable to the training data. Keeping the site up for longer will help inform more of the public on what is possible today and keep people from becoming victims to faked images in the future. 80 million unique people informed to date.

Imagine an algorithm, that can generate human face and algorithm, that can measure how good that face is. Now set two generating algorithm against each other and set measuring algorithm as a jury. Now after each generation opposing algorithm will try better, until some precision will be reached. And that’s why GAN is good at generating.

Bonus part: [](