How does TMS therapy work? (If it even does works?)


I tried to Google it and all I could come up with is it has to do with magnets? It’s not invasive right? How do the magnets stimulate the brain to beat depression? I’m sorry if that’s the wrong flair. I couldn’t determine if it was biological or chemical. Sorry.

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A neat thing about the electromagnetic spectrum is that moving electricity can generate magnetism and and a moving magnetic field can generate electrical activity. If you did high school physics then that covers how all of that works.

TMS uses a wand that generates a magnetic field that moves or flips, which generates electrical activity within your brain. The amount that it can generate is actually really small but its able to effect how the neurons in your brain work at least temporarily. This is because neurons communicate using a combination of electrical and chemical signalling. We don’t understand fully how it works – because we don’t really understand how depression fully works, but its fairly safe and has temporary and beneficial effects for depression.

It looks like woo to me. Is there actual evidence behind it? The ads I see all look like sketchy cash only weirdo providers so I’m very reluctant to engage.

I have pretty intractable depression, despite being heavily medicated (what is keeping me alive) and in therapy. Interested but skeptical.