How does touch-screen work?


How does touch-screen work?

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don’t they have sensors?

(I hope this doesn’t sound condescending or pretentious, I’m literally gonna try explaining like you’re five, not that this is an easy or intuitive thing to understand) Throughout our bodies we have nerves and they send electricity to our muscles and makes them move and flex, when we touch a touchscreen like on a smartphone it senses that electricity in our bodies, it’s not a lot of electricity at all so you don’t feel it, that’s why objects that don’t have any electricity or block electricity from reaching the screen, it doesn’t work. Older or lower budget touchscreens that you might find in a convenience store or sth have pressure sensors when you press down on them in a certain spot it senses that.

Oh! I actually kinda know this! Most modern touch screens use whats called Capacitive touch. This means that the device can measure the electrical interference that you generate when you touch the screen. This interference is interpreted by software to a location on the screen, where it puts the pointer.