How does Trazodone work to help a person sleep?


Recently I’ve been put on Trazadone to help me sleep, and I wish to know what about it helps one sleep.

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Some of the side effects it can cause include drowsiness. It’s a “downer” so it gives you sedative effects when you take it, creating the feeling of being tired.

Drowsiness is a side effect of the drug which can in turn help people sleep. Personally, I had negative experiences with trazadone and woke up feeling like a zombie so it worked a little too well.

I have taken Trazodone for years (10+) for sleep. It works great for me – my understanding is that it’s an old-school antidepressant that made people sleepy. Not good for day time use — but a godsend for some folks. I’ve had insomnia since about 5th grade (now 50+) … it is wonderful to get a chunk of sleep each night. I do not feel groggy or sluggy in the morning.

Anyone aware of any side effects with alcohol?