How does vitamin B12 give you energy?


I’m taking B12 shots in conjunction with some other medication and I find that I’m not tired all day. I’m not hyper, by any means, but I feel really evened out and alert the whole day. How does this happen? Is it something in my brain? Is it something in my body?

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Your body does a lot of complex chemistry to turn the food you eat into energy you can utilize. One of the things vitamin B12 does is participate in that chemistry. Without enough of it you can’t burn your food as efficiently.

Well actually, Vitamin B12 doesn’t give energy directly, but it helps your body in ways that can make you feel more energetic.

B12 is needed for your body to turn food into glucose, which is a type of sugar that your cells use for energy. It also helps your body make red blood cells, which carry oxygen to your cells. If your cells get more oxygen and can make energy efficiently, you feel more awake and alert.

B12 is a vital component in how the body breaks down protein and fat, and it’s vital for cell replication and especially red blood cells.


It’s just an important nutrient that your body needs, and if you lack it in your diet for a prolonged time that impacts you negatively with all kinds of side effects.


B12 does not “give your body energy”, it’s more like if you don’t have the amount you need then your body breaks down and stops working.

That’s probably how you’d feel normally.

It’s not that B12 is making you feel more energetic *per se*, but rather that your *B12 deficiency* makes you feel *less* energetic, and the shots bring you back up to normal.