How dos pepperspray work?


How dos pepperspray work?

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Pepper spray is basically a hot pepper to the eye. It uses the the oils from hot peppers. But concentrated, its call capsaicin, if you ever slice a jalapeno then touch your eye. Itll burn like hell. Now multiply that by millions. Literally, and the aerosol can form of it, pepper spray, will burn your eyes. Mouth skin lungs etc, rendering you useless for awhile. It can also cause issues for people with lung problems

It usually is using capsaicin, the chemical that makes peppers spicy. Capsaicin irritates any mucus membrane it comes into contact with, such as the mouth or eyes, and also activates heat receptors, causing pain. It primarily is made to debilitate people via intense pain for some amount of time.

You know how jalapeno, habanero, etc peppers burn your mouth when you eat them? The stuff in peppers that makes them hot like that is called capsaicin. Pepper spray is made with pure capsaicin extracted from various peppers and made into something that can be sprayed at people or animals wthat are attacking you. The spray gets into their eyes, nose, mouth, etc. and burns like hell, which tends to make them stop attacking.