how drug addictions work or affect people



how drug addictions work or affect people

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Lets imagine your parents take you out for ice cream every Friday. Ice cream is your favorite and it helps you be happy. At first, going out for ice cream is exciting, it’s always great to be getting it Friday. But after months it doesn’t feel great, but expected. If your parents don’t bring you, it makes you sad. Your happiness came from the ice cream trip, and soon it became the only thing that matters on Friday. To the point you can’t imagine not going

You just got a brand new car. You want to take care of it, so you find some fuel additive that claims it’ll make your engine last 10x longer, so you put it in your fuel.

Everything goes fine for a few days, then your car starts acting funny, stalling, leaking oil, etc.

You do some research, and as it turns out, this fuel additive actually harms your engine by destroying seals. But, you learn that as long as you keep putting the additive in, your car will continue to run fine. So you do, every couple of days.

Months later, the government bans that additive due to the damage it can cause. Now you can’t get it anymore, so your car gradually gets worse and worse, until it completely breaks down.

This is similar to what happens with addictive drugs, like opioids. They change your brain chemistry so that when you no longer have them, your brain makes your body very sick because your brain chemistry is out of whack.