how exactly does emergency fostercare work, in circumstances where a child is coming from an unsafe household?


say a child is placed with an emergency carer, coming directly from an unsafe household; how is it assessed whether it’s safe for the child to return to the environment they were removed from? how is it assessed whether the carers they were placed with are suitable for longer-term stay? and what official vists to the child are made (and how many are made?) to work all of this out? there’s little to no information out there about this complex process.

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Bc it’s different in every jurisdiction. But broadly, the state has pre-licensed emergency foster homes, or the child can be placed with a relative temporarily.

At some point a judge will make a ruling about what is in the “best interest of the child.”

This process is fairly subjective as the recommendation of the social worker from child protective services is how the judge decides.
They decide based on interviews with the people involved. Sometimes the parent will be ordered to take parenting classes and prove they’re fit to resume parenting (drug tests, psych exams, etc can be part of this process). If the child is placed with family, the state may or may not depending on budgets and manpower interview them and make them take foster parenting certification.