How exactly does the Big Bounce theory work?


I found a couple posts about this from about 8yrs ago, but they never went very in-depth. As I understand it in probably the broadest sense, one universe collapses and another starts after that with a Big Bang. Does this mean there’s a point of nothingness very briefly in between existences? What causes this universal reset of sorts?

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Its not a very popular theory these days as the big rip or heat death seem much more likely. Regardless, the idea goes as follows: due to gravity pulling on all things, eventually it would overcome the acceleration from the big bang and start pulling everything in the universe together which then would collapse into a tiny spec of ultradense matter, that sounds awfully similar to the conditions just before the big bang and hence…. big bounce!

Right now it looks like everything is accelerating away from everything else though and gravity will never catch up, we’re way past the point of no return on that one.

Personally my favorite universe theory is that after all solid matter in the universe has radiated away, eventually everything would become perfectly homogenous, a state of maximum entropy. At this point the universe would be completely featureless and in regards to information – the size wouldn’t really matter so the universe could be the size of the universe or it could be incredibly tiny, same difference. At this point the universe decides that it is in fact tiny and explodes once more.

This may be a similar idea, but there are theories about the “shape” of our universe. Imagine a donut. Now imagine “the Big Bang” being a point in time where all the matter in the universe began to travel outwards from the donut hole. The matter travels along the surface of the donut until it travels all the way back to the center, where another Big Bang will happen and the universe “restarts”

I’m no rocket surgeon but the Big Bounce has always been the best fit. At the center of galaxies we strongly believe massive black holes, absorb and condense matter within their pull. The very nature of energy, ends in an impossibly dense, cosmic Roomba. So seems to me the big Crunch is merely a *matter* of *time*. A critical level of the collective mass, reaches some variation of equilibrium and *BOOM*…or I guess I should say Bang