How I have a blue eyed child when eye have brown eyes and my husband has hazel eyes.


I’m tired of people questioning how this could happen so I need a simple way to explain it, please.

In: Biology

You both have the recessive gene for blue eyes. In your case, brown is the dominant trait overriding the blue eyes. You each only passed on the recessive trait to your kid leading to blue eyes.

There are about ten different genes known to affect eye color, there are probably more. These genes interact with each other in interesting ways beyond simple on/off mechanics. In your case the combination of genes your child got simply means it doesn’t produce much melanin in its irises so it has blue eyes.

There was just an [It’s Okay to Be Smart video about this topic]( It basically boils down to: there are a lot more genes involved in eye color than the typical dominant/recessive understanding covers. (Fun bonus fact: all eyes are brown by pigment, and then weird physics happens.)

It’s only impossible for two blue eyed parents to have a brown eyed child. Your way is fine. I’ve got three children – one brown eyed, one hazel eyed, and one blue eyed child.

Tell them your husband is not the child’s father?