How is it that so many scammers never get caught?



How is it that so many scammers never get caught?

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Certainly basing this on my first thought.
Most people who are scammed would be too embarrassed to report it. Further humiliation is a tough choice.

The vast majority of scams are done online now adays and all it takes is routing through 2 vpns and it will take the police force several years to track it back so it’s not worth the time or resources

It’s simply not worth the time and effort for the FBI or police to investigate each individual scamming case. But if theres a single scammer that’s hitting a lot of people or a lot of money involved and also domestic, like Bernie maddof, then they will get involved.

For the vast majority of the scamming cases, they are done online with no easy way to identify the scammer, and they are usually not domestic which then requires multiple international police organizations work together, and most dont care enough.

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