How is our body warm?

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Like where does the warmth come from?

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Our body stays warm because we eat yummy food that gives us energy to make warmth inside us. Like a fire in a tiny stove called mitochondria! They burn food for energy and keep us cozy.

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When cells do work, they create energy. Energy flows from areas of high energy to low energy.

ATP, the major molecular energy store, is broken by our cells, and 40 percent is used to power our cells. The other 60 is released as heat.

That energy mostly comes from our deep organs (liver, brain, heart) as that’s where work is done. And the heat is distributed throughout our bodies by simple radiating or our fluid systems (blood and lymph). Muscles also use and create more energy and heat than other parts of our body (like fat).

That level is regulated by our hippocampus, which freaks out often and tries to kill us for little reason.

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Follow up question since it’s been answered do cold blooded animals mitochondria not burn they food

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Anytime energy moves from one thing to another it makes heat.

Its like how a battery gets hot on a phone when its being charged. Energy is being pushed into it so it gets hot.

Chemical energy is just like burning wood. The wood is cold to touch but if you start it burning you get heat. That’s just like the food we eat. We burn it and it makes us warm.

Hows that?

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Heat is a by-product of the chemical reactions that take place in your body when sugar is turned into energy. Just like how heat is an unintended by-product of a car engine buring fuel. Really, it’s more similar than you might expect because the chemistry of turning sugar into usable energy in your body is very similar to burning fuel.