How is the Socratic method structured?

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How is the Socratic method structured?

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Someone starts by saying something they believe to be a true statement. Another person then asks a question to try and examine the logical underpinnings of the statement.

For instance:

A: Driving a car is the best way for me to get to work every day.

B: Are there other ways to get to work?

A: I could take the bus, but that would be inferior to driving my car.

B: have you tried taking the bus to work?

A: I have not, but I have looked at the bus schedules and posted fares; it would take a long time and cost money, which makes it not the best option.

B: How do you measure ‘best’?


Essentially, the second person should always keep asking question and pushing the first person to provide a logical argument to support their initial statement. If they can’t provide solid reasoning to support their stated belief, they should discard that belief.

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How do you believe the Socratic method is structured?

*(You change teaching from a lecture to a question-based back-and-forth so that the student must think their way through the topic)*

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The Socratic Method is often used by professors in law school to instill a sense of rational thought when discussing a case. Best professor I ever had said he believed the Socratic Method was only effective when the professor is Socrates