How isn’t everything in the music/entertainment industry leaked?


I know there’s legal agreements and contracts and all that but I feel like leaks should be more common than they are. I also know that it could be damaging to someone’s reputation but couldn’t they just do it anonymously? That would also solve the legal problems as well so I don’t know why more things aren’t leaked.

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What are we talking about being leaked? The music or their private lives?

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There are a couple of big reasons. The first is that people only get access to what they need to do their job. If someone is a graphical artist who’s task is to make sure ScarJo’s booty looks properly tight in a 7 second clip of some big fight scene, they only get access to that 7 seconds. Heck, they may not even get access to the layers that contain the CGI of who exactly she is fighting against! They aren’t getting access to the entire movie so they can leak it even if they wanted to.

Another major factor is those agreements that you mentioned. Everyone in the industry knows that if they are the source of such a leak their career is done. It isn’t like they just lose their job and are hit with a lawsuit for more money they can make in their lives, but they will never work in that industry again. Most people aren’t willing to risk all that in order to provide a leak, especially not for free, or anonymously. What exactly is in it for them?

Combining those two concepts above it would be really difficult to provide anything really anonymously anyway. If someone leaks ScarJo’s booty clip who do you think is going to be the top suspect? The one or two guys who had access to that clip and that clip only, maybe? Seems like a pretty good bet!

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What would anybody gain by leaking content before release? What’s the point?

Is it anything worth risking your career over?