how it’s possible to have an extremely accurate visualization of what “eye floaters” look like


If you Google the term, you’ll see the exact pictures of what you’ll see when you get eye floaters. You won’t get a rough description, you won’t get an illustration, you’ll get the pictures of eye floaters exactly the way they are.

How did they come about that picture? How can they put into pictures what someone is seeing. Gosh I hope you’d understand this question because I’m finding it difficult to put it into words

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Someone with floaters simply created an illustration that matched what they’re seeing. I have very bad floaters and have since I was a child. It wouldn’t be hard to spend time in photoshop and some blur tools to get the effect. With some animation skills, I’m sure the movement effect could be replicated too.

You can actually see the floaters. Your brain is just very good at ignoring them but if you focus on trying to see the floaters you can see them. For some people it is harder then for others and a few people can not ignore the floaters at all. People who see these floaters can create the visualizations as illustrations of what they see.