how long after alcohol consumption is nutrient absorbsion impaired?


Hoping can help me where Google has failed.

Alcohol inhibitions nutrient absorbsion in a variety of ways, this is a fact. But nothing I can find says how long after consumption is absorbsion impaired.

Is is just while it’s in your stomach?

Is it the (roughly) 1 hour per drink time it takes to process the alcohol by the liver?

The (roughly) 6 hours it is detectable in your blood?

The 12-24 hours it can be detected in your urine?

Or some other value?

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It’s not a direct relationship and it depends on a lot of factors: the amount (volume) and concentration of alcohol, the duration of exposure for short term and long term effects, the type of food and the amount of food, and the timing of food and drinking.

Well I don’t think your going to find a good ELI5 because your question might be a flawed.

We can measure impaired nutrient absorption in alcoholics. Digestive damage, endocrine damage, liver damage all affect these things and you can build studies around measuring those impacts.

I don’t know how you’d even make a study to measure the effect of alcohols immediate effect on a given meal. There probably is some detriment but we don’t have any means of measuring what it is. At least I’m not aware of any, perhaps someone will surprise me.

I see what you’re asking. A combo of the first two: while it’s in your stomach/small intestine and while it’s being processed by your liver. Alcohol impairs fat absorption in the small intestine, so this includes fat soluble vitamins (ADEK). During liver processing, your liver prioritizes the alcohol and doesn’t really metabolize/process macro and micronutrients that you’ve recently ingested. as far as your question of “how long” I’m not sure. I would guess it’s for as long as you feel the effects of being drunk because that a good proxy for what’s happening with the alcohol in your body. This isn’t a big issue until it’s chronic, like if you drink every day then you will become genuinely nutrient deprived.

Alcohol hits your stomach and your body starts breaking it down into party juice aka poison. Woot woot, as soon as you start breaking it down the toxins begin to build up in your blood causing headaches, etc. Until all the toxins (which will mostly be acetylcholine for the majority of the digestive disruption) are removed…the digestive system will not run as efficiently. Less nutrients will be able to be absorbed and less waste will be able to be broken down until the toxin returns to a normal level.

Then, the organs would need to heal for a bit. How long, that depends but for about as long as they were being damaged is a great ELI5 rule of thumb for body heal times when we are talking long-term biological structures (they are built to help process the chemicals, your body builds actual structures and those structures can stay up for a while). **so if you went out partying once in a while we are looking at 36 hours to be about back to relatively normal biological functions.** but this time can wildly vary depending on genetic make up of the individual, exercise and eating habits, as well as amount and length of time spent drinking.