how long does it take for lipolysis to start again


Lipolysis starts after 12 of fasting, rigth ? if i eat some low calorie snack(200kcal) how long does it take for lipolysis to start again? is it still 12 hours ?

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It depends what was in the snack.

If the snack contains carbohydrates (starches and or sugars) then those will be burned for energy by your body before it starts burning fat for energy again. However, if it was a block of lard, then it is all fat, and there are no carbohydrates to bun.

If you are a bloke, you burn around 2400kcal per day.

So it is around 2400/24 hours = 100kcal per hour, so around 2 hours worth of energy.

If it was pure carbohydrate, then around 2 hours, but if there are other things in the snack (fat, protein, water, roughage) then it will be a shorter time.

And it also depends on how active you are at that time, and how big you are.