how people modify chip memories that shouldnt be modified?


Like everyone else on the internet ive seen people running doom on some wild stuff

But i never comprehend how people manage to get it on the memory of things that dont have external acess to their memory, like the people who managed to run it on a threadmill

Like, how do you change the data on those chips that dont give you acess directly to their data in any simple way like a usb connection?

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Some devices let you either solder or clip wires to a chip’s connection points. there are also heat guns whose main purpose is to desolder a chip so you can take it out, plug into into your reader, then solder it back on again.

Had fun doing this with the Bios chip a friend of mine had bricked

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If you want a really really nerdy video about that I can recommend [this dump of a wacom drawing tablet firmware]( That way you can get access to the raw firmware that shouldn’t be readable.

This concept of intentionally disturbing the power supply clock cycle perfectly can be applied to a lot of devices and can result in the weirdest malfunctions, including total failure of protection routines.

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Many smart devices use a common standard-issued chips. Many of those chips have manuals, that you can freely download from the Internet.

If the device has separate chips for CPU and memory, all you have to do is to identify Flash memory chip, download the manual, connect the wires to the correct legs, and send electric pulses to rewrite the chip. Which legs to connect, and which pulses to send will be described in the manual.

If the CPU and memory are combined in a single chip, it is possible that the chip is write-locked. But – its still possible, that the developers just didn’t. Then you can rewrite it with the same process.

Finally, if the chip is write-locked, you can still rewrite it – with a super secret magic of buying a new one and replacing it.